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By bcorson on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 - 11:02 pm:
> Hi,
> When reading the manual I found (interpreted...) that using overlay video
> cards is preferred over using non-overlay cards. But reading the manual
> could not help me find out the exact difference.
> When one uses overlay cards, does that imply that you cannot ever miss a
> jump again? Right now we are using two AverTV boards. (overlay functionality
> makes the computer crash, so I'm quite sure it's not supported by the
> card...) We consider buying new cards, overlay cards that is. But only when
> it has advantages over the old ones (for obvious reasons...).
> Can someone explain to me the advantages of overlay cards when measuring ski
> jumps?
> Greats, Pieter Laurens
> Netherlands.

The original video blaster series that vj was developed under has overlay. Using these cards, you do not need to capture a picture and then transfer it to the measurement screen and measure it, you can capture it directly on the measurement screen.
Not many new cards have overlay and the use of it is often card specific. So, now, overlay is not really an issue since if a card has it, the vj program does not use it in generic mode.

However, in the vjvidcap and videotrick programs, when you capture a video, you can turn on overlay if the card has it and it lets you watch the video input in realtime as you are capturing it instead of seeing the "preview" view which is a sampled view.

I hope that helps.

The short answer is you do not really need overaly, but you may like it for vjvidcap and vtrick use.