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By bcorson on Thursday, May 30, 2002 - 06:17 am:
Extracted from a message from Dave Clark

Most of the PCI video capture devices are doing one of these two things under Windows XP as of today --

1. Many of then don't come with Win XP Compatible drivers in the first place. Most of those are out. This applies to the AverTV USB, amongst others.

2. Of those that do come with Win XP drivers, they all seem to be having one of two problems --

a. Some will load and appear to work with their own appliction(s), but when invoked by the Corson Video program, it reports "Unable to connect to capture device". This includes all of the ATI products currently on the market, when run under windows 98. Or,

b. Others will load and work OK in general, but then we find that if the capture image window size is specified as anything larger than 320x240 resolution, the application then reports "Unsupported Image Format", and it won't capture -- either reports and error or crashes.

The only internal card I've found that seems to work OK under Windows XP is the Pinnacle Systems Studio PCTV, where they have an updated version of their MCI software driver available on their website, that will allow the device and drivers to run OK under XP -- and it works correctly with the Corson Video program. However, the other supplied applications that come with the device do not work under XP, though. So while this combination might work for jump measurement, that's all you could do with it.

So if it has to be XP today, then I'd suggest you go with the USB Instant Video

If you could stand to install windows 98 for the short term, then you could use any of the Avermedia or Pinnacle systems devices today, with no problem. Just don't try any of the ATI products for Win98, since their new WDM drivers are the ones that don't connect with Win98.

By bcorson on Friday, June 7, 2002 - 10:48 pm:
Dave Clark Reports

Dave called from Japan where he is helping set up vj for the Japan Collegiate championships and on his way to homologate the site for the World University Chanpionships in China.

He said that the new ATI cards and WDM drivers work fine with vj IF you use Windows XP. This is a new combination that hasn't been tried before. So, I guess there is hope.