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By bcorson on Friday, May 17, 2002 - 12:15 am:
I have released the Slalom Record Checker program for beta test to Gene Davis, Dave Clark and Terry Jones. The program assists in slalom path analysis and can be used for driver training and boat testing as well as specific record approval.
It uses the slalom end course video and provides path deviation measurements. The end course video must be captured into an avi for each pass to be analyzed.

By robin nichols on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - 11:14 am:
Congratulations - neat program - very accurate.
However on the V 9 I just downloaded I could not get the video or clipboard to work on the measurement screen and only had the initial set up view.
Also will you be advising users to flag the entry gate as you do on your video clip?
Robin Nichols 10 september 2002

By bcorson on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - 11:01 pm:
Well, I changed V9 to just load the clipboard when I went to the measure screen. In v8 and earlier I loaded the clipboard twice per second. The problem is that it is pretty tricky to use the technique I am using and it may not work for all combinations of video/hw/os. I just released V11. I'll send it to you so you can see if you have the same problem. If you do I will have to make that feature switchable. I took it out because you could crash the program by pasting to the clipboard while it was running due to the intensive use of the clipboard.

Let me know.

By bcorson on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - 11:03 pm:
On the question of finding the entry, the most effecttive way is to get the end frame (coming toward) and then calculate the start frame by knowing the frame rate and boat speed (15 fps and 16.08 = 242 frames).

By bcorson on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 - 09:06 pm:
I have a second version of the program that I am working on that operates dynamicaly on a real-time overlay.
This has two interesting uses. The first is traditional boat testing. It records the boat deviation from center as the boat goes through the course and the operator matches the line in the screen to the boat pylon.
The second is for end-course monitoring in a tournament. In the view mode, the program will draw the centerline and boundry marks that show if the boat exceeds the maximum 20cm deviation allowed for records. In this mode it is very important to start the measurement just as the boat enters the course (timer beep maybe).
Hopefully, this will be released shortly. It looks like it will need a fairly modern computer to keep up with the program.