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By bcorson on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 - 11:34 pm:
It has been determined that the new ATI cards are incompatible with VFW which is the VJ standard. They are compatible with a new standard WDM. There is some hope thatthere is a conversion process that I will look into. In the meantime there are psooible workarounds by using older drivers. Also, you could just capture the avi files and then load them into the programs but that probably is too slow.
Others please add information and comments here.

By Zdenek KOLMAN on Thursday, March 14, 2002 - 05:40 pm:
During the discussion is going on I bought and installed cheap PCI card
AVERMEDIA EZ-Capture / price aprox. 35 USD / and add it to the computer
with ATI ALL IN WONDER card.
How I expected it works now with Bob programs via this card...

I get some new feature, I can display now two video signals at one
screen that can be usefull for slalom gate cameras...... No one computer
I have built up to the present could not make this...
Other interesting use can be tricks, I can have tower camera picture in
one window and boat camera picture in the second window.

This behavior of the computer definitely confirms the fact, that ATI
card with latest SW using WDM drivers cannot work with MCI interface and
cannot work with Bob programs. Otherwise there could not be 2 videos
running at one screen and the drivers would conflict after second card
is installed...

Best regards

posted by Bob Corson

By Bob Corson on Thursday, March 14, 2002 - 05:44 pm:
I believe that the next generation of vj family programs will include a driver selection feature like vjvidcap. It may be possible to built in a conversion per the Microsoft paper that I distributed, but not soon as I have a bunch of other tasks ahead of it.

By bcorson on Monday, March 18, 2002 - 12:37 pm:
I did a little reading of the VFW-to-WDM Capture Mapper. I also tried it on my system.
On my main development system I have an ATI 128. On vjvidcap, the dropdown driver box always has ATI as the first driver. However, I dropped down the list and at the bottom is a WDM driver. I clicked on it and got no video in the program. I did get the mapper selections and property pages though. If I select ATI, of couse, it works. I also looked on my system and did find the vfwwdm.drv file.

So, a little further reading says "Initially, the devices best able to take advantage of this mapper will be digital cameras on USB and IEEE 1394 buses. Some features, such as video overlay, and some popular devices, such as analog PCI video capture cards and video ports, are not currently supported."
Note it says that it does not support analog PCI Video Capture cards. However, it does sound like a USB camera would work. As I think about this, I might be able to test that as my target machine just happens to have the Intel microscope on the USB. Maybe tonight.

Anyway, it sounds like Microsoft has a solution for Win98 if you are on the USB. I have no idea if they will develop further to include analog interfaces like our ATI cards.

I also note that it says on Win 2000, you can connect to two video drivers which explains what Zdenek was seeing.

By Bob Corson on Monday, March 18, 2002 - 08:42 pm:
Chip Shand sent a page from ATI support that says "ATI presently has no plans to offer Video for Windows capture support in future driver releases for these products as Video for Windows has been superceded by DirectShow."
That sums it up.
is the full page.

What this will mean, if this is the trend, that I will have to integrate in a new capture object into the code. They are available so it is definitely a future possibility.

By Bob Corson on Monday, March 18, 2002 - 10:56 pm:
OK, I tested my target machine (200MHz P2, ATI 8MB Pro) and found that selecting the wdm drivers in VJVidCap worked fine. I guess the question would be for someone with a new card only to see if it worked selecting the wdm drivers.